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5 Home Upgrades to Improve Your Property Value

Are you considering making home improvements to improve your property value? Thinking about home improvements as an investment in your home? That’s a great idea.

The tricky thing is choosing the right home improvement projects and estimating the return on your investment. You want to make upgrades that will return the greatest profit rather than, well, taking a loss. Still interested in reading on? Well, friend, we’ve got a list for you.

Here are a few home upgrades that boost property value.


1. Investing in Curb Appeal

This can include improving the outside of the home by adding a few new plants, or even a simple paint job. Adding features like a garage or even a modern walkway can also add to the value of a property. Small improvements like lighting, shutters, or flagstones also can add to the overall look and feel of a home as well as its value.

Sliding doors are also a popular home upgrade to improve property value. The sleek and modern design of these doors gives a home an upgraded look that potential buyers appreciate. Read more here to learn more advantages of sliding doors.

2. Maximizing Your Home’s Interior Spaces

Kitchen renovations such as replacing old, cracked cabinets and counters, replacing outdated appliances, and installing new lighting can add to the value of your home. In the living room, replace carpeting and area rugs with durable and cleanable hardwood floors and paint the walls a neutral shade to give the space a fresh look. In the bathroom, install a new toilet, vanity, and faucet, plus tile to spruce up the area.

3. Creative Landscaping Ideas

Incorporating diverse plants and trees, building paths, gardens, and new patio furniture in sitting areas, and creating water features are all great ways to make an outdoor space more dynamic and enjoyable. Investing in your landscape by planting native species and using hardy materials for construction can also result in savings in maintenance costs.

Installing outdoor lighting and solar-powered features can add a sense of security and beauty. 

4. In-Demand Amenities and Fixtures

Adding a whirlpool tub, fireplaces, and other luxury touches gives your home a modern flair that sets it ahead of the competition. New technology such as energy-efficient fixtures and water filtration systems lower operating costs, increase convenience and enhance the overall experience.

Items such as high-end audio-visual systems and home theaters provide added entertainment value, making your residence attractive to prospective buyers.

5. Smart Home Technology

This technology includes automation systems that can control home security, temperature, and lighting. Additionally, systems such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home Kit, allow homeowners to control the technology through the use of voice commands. Through the help of these systems, homeowners can easily adjust the temperature of the house, turn on the lights, and even lock their doors with the tap of a button.

Smart home technology not only increases the value of a home but also provides convenient access to basic home functions.

Plan Your Home Upgrades Project Today

Investing in home upgrades can be a great way to increase your property value; whether it’s replacing old appliances, updating light fixtures, adding a fresh coat of paint, or a full renovation, there are a variety of upgrades to choose from.

For more tips and advice on increasing your property value, contact a reputable real estate agent today.

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