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5 Warning Signs It’s Time to Replace Windows in your Rental Home

Has it ever occurred to you that your windows might need a replacement? Unfortunately, many landlords only consider updating heavy-duty equipment like replacing water heaters, washing machines, or refrigerators during renovations. However, adding a much-needed window upgrade to your budget can increase your property value and ensure your rental remains safe. 

But how do you know you’re not embarking on a vanity project with a low ROI? This article explores the top 5 warning signs it’s time to replace windows in your rental home. Stick around till the end to find out if your windows are due for replacement and the consequences of procrastinating.   


5 Warning Signs It’s Time to Replace Windows in your Rental Home

  1. Your Rooms are Drafty

A drafty room is one of the tale-tell signs of an outdated window frame. Solid windows should keep the wind out of the house, but over time gaps can form between the edges leaving room for air to pass. Thus, instead of cranking the heat higher during fall or winter, consider a replacement as soon as possible. 

  1. Your Energy Bill is Up

Another giveaway your windows might need to go is an increase in your energy bill. As we highlighted in the previous point, worn-out panels allow cold air to seep into your home, meaning you’ll need more power to keep the house at a sufficiently warm temperature. Alternatively, chipped windows can let air-conditioned air out in the summer, allowing more heat into the room. As a result, you might notice an abnormal spike in your electricity usage.

  1. The Windows are Difficult to Use

If opening and closing your windows seems like an extreme sport, it could indicate they’re ready for a replacement. Standard windows should have an optimal operation, allowing tenants to quickly open or close them as needed. The poor function could be worn-out hinges, broken seals, or chipped panels. If some oil and quick DIYs can’t resolve the problem, you might be due for a new frame. You can hire a local property manager in Montgomery County, PA, to ensure routine maintenance is always up to date. 

  1. Your Windows Collect Moisture

It’s not unusual for residents to see moisture build up on their windows. These droplets of water pool between your window panels due to warm air touching the cold glass, resulting in condensation. Thus, an excess amount could indicate poor insulation or gaps in your sealing. Retire your weeping windows today and opt for a new frame with better insulation and no moisture build-up. 

  1. Your Frames are Old

While the antique look can be cute, old frames can be a safety hazard to your rental. After several years of exposure to the elements, window frames tend to take a beating and can begin to rot. When that happens, they become easy to break or kick in, compromising your home’s security. Their damp conditions can also allow mold to grow and cause other medical and legal complications. 

3 Major Consequences of Not Replacing Old Windows

  1. Your Property Value Drops

Many landlords might only replace their windows to save money, but in the long run, holding out on a much-needed upgrade can cause you to lose more. Windows add significantly to your curb appeal, and damaged ones can drop your property value. Investing in new windows can boost your curb appeal and help you attract more tenants or pull more cash during a sale. 

  1. Your Home’s Safety Dips

Beyond the aesthetic benefits of replacing windows, old, cracked, or unsecured windows can be an easy point of access for robbers, vandals, and other nefarious characters. As a landlord, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your rental within reason, and updating your windows to keep danger out certainly counts. However, there’s no need to put your tenants at risk by postponing a necessary upgrade. If your windows already show some of the signs we’ve outlined above, it would be best to invest in a new pair. Besides, it’ll put your renters at ease and keep your property safe from intruders. 

  1. You Risk Further Damage

Postponing a window replacement puts you at risk of further damage. Weak and cracked frames are less likely to withstand battering by the elements such as rain, wind, or snow. Thus, your house could take an unnecessary beating and allow some air or water to pass through. Consequently, you might be dealing with chipped paint, rotting wood, and mold. 


Knowing when a replacement is due can save you money as a landlord. With these 5 warning signs, you should be able to identify when it’s time to replace windows in your rental homes. Drafty rooms and moisture on your panes are often telltale signs that accompany high energy bills. But a swift upgrade of your old chipped or broken windows could help you avoid further damage or reduce your rental’s safety and value.