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5 Ways Travel Nursing Jobs Can Accelerate Your Nursing Career

Getting a travel nursing job is an exciting prospect for nurses. It allows them to experience different locations, learn new skills and get better pay than traditional permanent nurse positions. However, there are some things to consider before making the switch. 


You Get to Earn a Generous Income

Travel nurses get reimbursed for a variety of expenses while on assignment. This often includes meals and incidentals, housing stipends, and transportation costs. The money not used for these expenses can be saved or spent on fun activities at your next location. Having the opportunity to work at different facilities demonstrates your ability to adapt and makes you an invaluable asset to any hospital. It also enables you to broaden your skill set, something that most regular nursing staff members cannot do. Whether working at a large research hospital or a small critical access facility, you can expect to gain an extensive range of experiences that can only enhance your resume. Consider pursuing a traveling nurse job to take your career to the next level. The demand for these positions is rising, with many regular nurses reaching retirement age and leaving vacancies that need to be filled. These short-term contracts can provide the experience and connections you need to make a long-term impact in your field.

You Get to Work in Different Settings

Travel nursing jobs in Ohio are a great way to experience new places and work in various healthcare settings. Nursing agencies typically screen their travelers carefully to ensure they can adjust to new environments quickly and form productive relationships with hospital staff members. RNs who can adapt well to different workflows and procedures are often in high demand. This is especially true for nurses that specialize in rapid response and crisis management assignments, which may take them to locations affected by natural disasters. A love of travel and a flexible schedule are the main requirements for becoming a travel nurse. Assignments are available across the country in hospitals and facilities of all sizes. Many travel nurses take contracts between 8 and 26 weeks, but many choose to extend their initial contract if their skills are still needed in the facility. Occasionally, a hospital will end a travel nurse’s contract early, but this is rare, and most staffing agencies help nurses find new assignments if necessary.

You Get to Have Job Security

Nurses who want to advance their careers can find temporary nursing jobs that offer high compensation rates. In addition, they can receive stipends for travel expenses, housing and other benefits. These perks make the job even more attractive. Due to a nationwide shortage of nurses, healthcare facilities often look for travel nurses to fill vacant positions. This means that nurses in this profession can find many opportunities around the country and world to work to have a lot of flexibility and freedom in their careers. Nurses in this profession also get to avoid workplace issues and politics that can plague permanent positions. Instead, they can focus on their clinical skills and providing excellent patient care.

You Get to Meet New People

While constant moving can make some nurses feel isolated, it can also give them many new friends. Travel nursing agencies have plenty of resources to help their nurses meet people in their new assignments, including local events and social groups. For instance, if you are a foodie, there might be a group of like-minded people for you to join in your new city. Likewise, if you are interested in music or festivals, there will probably be an event for you to attend. In addition, you can always ask your staff nurses for recommendations and invite them to happy hours or other social events that you might be listening to.

Consider traveling nurse jobs if you want to add a unique and exciting twist to your nursing career. This type of position is exactly what you need to get your foot in the door and start advancing in your profession. This opportunity can also provide valuable experience to help you decide where to settle down and establish a permanent career.

You Get to Travel

With travel nursing, you can travel to different locations across the United States and overseas. It’s a great option for nurses who love to explore new places. Of course, you must be able to handle living out of suitcases for short periods, but it’s perfect for those with an adventurous spirit. Travel nurses are needed to fill staffing shortages at hospitals and other medical facilities in various specialty fields. With the Affordable Care Act increasing demand for healthcare professionals, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to find an assignment that suits your skills and interests. Plus, you can prearrange your schedule with your hospital management before you start so that you’re able to visit local attractions during your off hours. Whether taking in a Broadway show or ice skating, you can experience many of the best things the world offers when you pursue a travel nursing job.