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How to Maintain, Repair and Understand Your Mini C Arm Equipment

Fluoroscopy is one of the major innovations in the world of medical imaging. This procedure uses pulses or brief bursts to show healthcare providers real-time footage of internal organs and tissues. The images are reflected on a monitor. While the usual X-rays are like images, fluoroscopy gives you videos. If your healthcare facility is yet to acquire equipment for this procedure, it’s time to. 


How to Maintain Your C-Arm Machine

Maintenance Checks

With even small yet regular maintenance checks, you can keep your C-Arm machine running smoothly for years. Many C-Arm companies create their equipment with high-quality materials. However, those materials need to be routinely inspected, cleaned, and sometimes replaced.

A simple visual exam conducted on a bi-weekly or monthly basis can make all the difference in catching issues with your machine. Seeing spots where the machine needs to be cleaned, and preparing the machine before any usage can do wonders in extending the C-Arm’s shelf life. When problems arise, you can contact companies like to provide tune-ups or repairs.

Doing Repairs As Needed

If your C-Arm machine is in need of repairs, some small repairs can be done on your own. There are many reputable, tech-oriented websites that have guides on how to conduct simple repairs on a C-Arm machine, without having to send it back for maintenance. These guides should help with simple repairs and further preserve your C-Arm machine for many years to come.

How Does the C-Arm Machine Work?

To preserve your C-Arm machine, it’s deeply important to understand how this equipment works and what it’s used for. Oftentimes, misusing a C-Arm machine or not knowing how it should be operated can cause it to break or die ahead of time.

X-Ray Generator

Just as the name suggests, this is the component that generates or produces X-rays that penetrate a patient’s body.

Imaging System

The imaging system can perform several movements in one procedure. This benefit is useful when it comes to different surgical procedures like cardiology, urology, or ortho. It helps that the system is light and compact, allowing for multiple positionings.

Workstation Unit

A C-Arm machine is controlled through a workstation unit. It has several handles that allow various movements and positionings, a cable hanger, switches controlling light exposure and power supply, zoom controls, a monitor, a brake pedal, etc. 

All these parts work together to allow the physicians to check the anatomical details of fractures, bones, and implant position in real-time during the procedure.

The Maneuverability of the C-Arm Machine

One of the benefits of the C-Arm Machine is that it’s maneuverable. That means it can be moved around the operating room. It should also be low enough to fit under operating theater tables and hospital tables. Therefore, if a surgeon is doing cardiac catheterization, they should be able to swing the machine at various angles to get a clear view of the arteries without any complications.

C-Arms machines are among the most efficient equipment used in fluoroscopy procedures. They’re mobile, meaning they can be transported from one place to the next, and their design makes it easy to cover the whole patient’s body. Healthcare facilities looking to enhance operations in their radiology equipment should acquire this equipment.