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Wholesome Living for The Whole Family

During the threat of various diseases that exist today, of course, we all hope our loved ones can continue to be in good health. Implementing wholesome living for the whole family from an early age is essential. A healthy lifestyle is one way to maintain families health.

Lifestyle changes during the Covid-19 pandemic have made us spend more time with family. With this new habit, it ha become easier to influence your family’s lifestyle. The ideas below will help you keep your home routine healthy and fun.


How to Start Wholesome Living for The Whole Family

Wholesome Living for The Whole Family

Consume Nutritious Foods

The role of parents is vital in educating children about the importance of healthy food they need to eat each day and the model of a healthy diet. Explaining good nutritional foods to your child can be so simple.

You can tell them about the importance of eating various foods to ensure your body gets the vitamins and other valuable substances needed to be healthy. Not only that, fathers and mothers must set a good example for their children by eating healthy foods every day.

So plan a meal with the kids that includes healthy foods everyone can enjoy. You can also take your kids to shop and let them find different types of food for themselves. 

Examples of Wholesome Food:

  • Broccoli. This fiber-rich vegetable can help those of us who are deficient in Vitamin D. When taking vitamin D supplements, the content of Vitamins A and K in broccoli makes our vitamin D metabolism balanced. In addition, the fiber content of broccoli can also reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. Consume broccoli that has been steamed for 5 minutes, preferably below 100°C. To get maximum nutrition from broccoli, we can consume it 2-3 times a week with a portion of about 50-100 grams.
  • Carrots. Carrots are famous for their antioxidant content, which is why they are named (carrot): beta-carotene. However, this crunchy root vegetable also contains other types of antioxidants. The composition of various antioxidants in carrots makes them suitable for heart health. Carrots taste better when steamed, not boiled. Heating vegetables can reduce some of their nutrients, but beta-carotene remains heat stable. Even the beta-carotene in carrots will be more easily absorbed after steaming.
  • Cabbage. This white (and some purple) vegetable is rich in three nutrients: Antioxidants such as polyphenols, which prevent cancer. Anthocyanins are anti-inflammatory, and glucosinolates are anti-cancer substances. Cabbage can also lower cholesterol levels in the blood if cooked by steaming briefly. Although cabbage is rich in fiber and nutrients, we are often reluctant to eat it because it makes many people gassy. You can simply boil the cabbage briefly to reduce the gas-triggering compounds.
  • Asparagus. Like other vegetables, asparagus does not “die” immediately after picking but continues to carry out metabolic activities: absorbing oxygen, digesting flour and sugar, and releasing carbon dioxide. This keeps the enzymes in asparagus alive and helps keep our bodies healthy.
Wholesome Living for The Whole Family

Other Tips on Wholesome Living for The Whole Family

Workout Together and Make a Record

Another key to wholesome living for the whole family is regular exercise. Whatever the exercise types your family chooses, it is essential to consider all family members’ current age and fitness level. Then, you may start by increasing the intensity and duration of various activities.

During the first week, you and your family begin to get used to walking for 30 minutes every night, which can be followed by a bit of dance using a CD of your children’s favorite songs in the living room. In the following week, you can increase the duration of the walk and speed up the tempo of the dance.

Another great option is riding bikes as a family. You can look online for used bikes for sale and get the whole family set up with their own bikes to continue family bonding time.

In addition, you also need to monitor the family’s physical activity by recording it and placing it in a place that is visible to everyone; for example, put it on the refrigerator so that everyone can see. Review training targets regularly. 

Although it’s essential to maintain a regular exercise routine, don’t push yourself too hard always to reach the target.

Find Ways to Manage Stress

More and more research is showing how stress can significantly impact health. Stress has been linked to various health problems, from stomach ailments to headaches and cancer. 

Avoiding stress altogether is simply impossible. However, there are some effective ways you can try to manage stress. For example, doing activities, such as yoga or meditation, and spending time with family outdoors.

In some cases, managing stress means changing priorities in your life. For example, working long hours may be suitable for your career or family’s well-being, but you must balance it with adequate rest for your health.

Eliminate Unhealthy Habits

The following method to wholesome living for the whole family is eating healthily. Eliminating unhealthy habits is also included in a healthy lifestyle. One unhealthy obsession in many families is consuming junk food or unhealthy snacks. The food or snacks you consume between meals can be a problem or cause disease.

So, one way to reduce this temptation is to stock up on healthy snacks at homes, such as fresh fruit, nuts, and whole grains. When family members go to school or work, ensure they bring these healthy snacks. That way, they will avoid wanting to buy something at a fast food restaurant or food stall.

Share The House Tasks

All family members should participate in daily house chores through assignments given by parents. Parents should divide tasks into parts. This can save time and allow children to learn the abilities that must be possessed in the long term. The chores can vary according to ability, ranging from cleaning tables and watering plants to helping sort garbage at home.


With the tips above, you should be on your way to wholesome living for the whole family. If you have any tips, please share them in the comments below.