3 Master Bath Remodel Ideas We Love

Are you planning to do a makeover for your master bathroom? A remodeled bathroom can increase by 53 to 58% in home value

A main bathroom remodel is perfect if you’ve never liked your bathroom or dreamed of a big fancy one. Creating the best bathrooms can increase your property’s saleability or make everyone comfortable.

But it is essential to know precisely the type of bathroom design you need. If you’re not experienced enough, it can be overwhelming.

Thankfully, we have a few ideas to start with. Read on for our favorite master bath remodel ideas.


1. Introducing Spa-Like Features for Relaxation at Home

For those who crave a tranquil atmosphere, consideration can be given to adding a steam shower with a unique tiling design that incorporates zen-like decorative elements.

Other options include adding heated floors and a luxurious soak in a custom, infinity-edge soaking tub. LED lights, built-in sound systems, and a standalone master bath shower. 

To keep the master bath even more tranquil, add a water feature or wall fountain in the room. Include mood-setting lighting with dimmer switches for a spa-like ambiance that can be adjusted depending on the mood. Incorporate vintage pieces and beautiful textiles, such as satin sheets, to round out the feel of the space. 

2. Add Natural Elements To Your Master Bath Renovation

Add natural stone tiles or travertine accents to the floors and walls to create a spa-like atmosphere. Try combining marble countertops’ raw and refined elements with weathered wood shelves for a unique touch.

Include lush green plants in the decor, and remember to open the windows to let in natural light and fresh air. The goal is to make the space feel alive and serene without feeling overcrowded. For the finishing touches, try incorporating a unique light fixture, like a chandelier or sconce, to draw the eye. 

While you may decide to go with a finished and more modern master bath in the rest of your home, adding a more natural look to the bath is a great way to make sure that the space is unique and zen. Consult a professional contractor to learn more about maximizing your master bathroom remodeling.

3. Adding the Right Bath Accessories With Dual Functions

Adding the right bath accessories to your remodel goes beyond aesthetics. You want to add items that serve multiple functions. For example, a master bath vanity and medicine cabinet with a built-in shelf and a lighted mirror.

A heated towel rack that warms and dries your towels after a shower. Install a floating vanity with a broad countertop that will transform into a makeup station or a place for your toiletries. Make sure to leave some open shelving for towels and other accessories. Place a storage seat, creating a cozy reading nook for your leisurely baths.

Use the Best Master Bath Remodel Ideas for a Great Bath Experience

When brainstorming master bath remodel ideas, keep functionality in mind. Consider introducing modern features like rain showers, heated floors, and smart mirrors that create a spa-like atmosphere you’ll love.

Ready to get started on your project? Contact a professional contractor to help you turn your ideas into a reality.

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