6 House Pressure Washing Mistakes

Have you ever wondered if you’re making mistakes regarding pressure washing your house? Your home is one of the biggest draws of your property and covers a lot of square footage.

If you’re not doing it right, it will get dirtier faster. It can result in a lot of wasted time and effort. But if you know what you’re doing beforehand, you can avoid making common house pressure washing mistakes! 

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1. Choosing the Wrong Pressure Washer

Many people mistakenly use too much pressure, damaging the exterior siding and even driving moisture into the home’s walls. Too much stress can cause paint to peel off, leaving noticeable impact marks. Too much pressure can cause water to run into vents and siding joints, leading to mold or mildew growth.

To avoid these issues, it is essential to use the appropriate pressure when washing the exterior of your home. Choose your pressure washer depending on the job that needs to be done and the type of surface it will be used on.

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2. Applying Incorrect Technique

Pressure washing a soiled house surface with too much stress can damage the paint, siding, or structure. Likewise, applying too little pressure can miss spots of dirt or mold while potentially wasting time revising what you have done.

The wrong angle can also cause damage, as the uneven water jets can pelt surfaces painfully instead of cleaning them. Research the appropriate pressure, angle, and house cleaning routine to ensure covers are adequately and safely cleaned. 

3. Skipping Surface Preparation

Failing to properly prepare the surfaces before pressure washing can lead to many issues. Proper surface preparation includes sweeping and removing dirt and debris, patching and repairing cracks and holes, and applying approved cleaning solutions.

This is to remove even the toughest build-up. These steps are essential in ensuring the pressure washing process is safe, efficient, and effective. 

4. Failing to Protect Landscape and Home

Too much pressure can damage the finish on the siding or paint and cause other issues, like driving water into the house’s walls and creating mold or mildew inside.

It is essential to ensure your pressure washer has the appropriate settings for the job and not to apply more pressure than needed.

5. Overlooking Necessary Maintenance

This mistake might lead to paint and concrete erosion due to exposure to air and moisture. In addition, using pressure that is too strong or utilizing a nozzle with too high a PSI can easily damage the siding.

This is especially true on softer materials like stucco and wood.

6. Ignoring Weather Conditions

The cold water and pressure can cause permanent damage if it’s hard outside. If it’s raining, the pressure washing will be ineffective, and the water can create a slippery surface.

Additionally, if it’s windy, the pressure of the wind can cause water to blow back onto the wall while pressure washing. Attention to the temperature, rain, and wind conditions is essential to ensure a successful pressure-washing job. 

Avoiding House Pressure Washing Mistakes

House pressure washing can be dangerous – but it doesn’t have to be with proper safety measures and an understanding of the everyday house pressure washing mistakes to avoid.

Invest in the right equipment and take extra care not to cause damage; pressure washing can transform any house!

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