A Brief Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

Your kitchen is ripe for a facelift of late. However, you’re finding it hard to figure out how to put one together that gives your kitchen a stylish look without needing a complete overhaul.

The answer? Incorporating kitchen cabinet doors styles. They give an immediate feel for the overall style and look of your space.

If you need some inspiration, read on. We’re going to cover some of the best types of cabinet doors in this article.

Let’s get into it!


Shaker Style

The shaker style is one of the most popular cabinet door styles in today’s kitchens. It is characterized by its:

  • Define lines
  • Clean construction
  • Lack of ornamentation and detail

Additionally, this style is timeless, making them perfect for any kitchen setup. In addition, these cabinet doors are usually built from flat boards with wide stiles and rails.

The stiles, which are the vertical pieces of the door are rectangular, and the rails which are the horizontal pieces are often tapered. They also feature a recessed panel in the center of each door, which can be plain or have a routed design. Lastly, the doors sometimes feature glass panes or mullion inserts which can be incorporated into many décor schemes.

French Doors

French doors are an elegant and stylish choice for your kitchen cabinets. They are characterized by their:

  • Sweeping curves
  • Framed panels
  • Ornately detailed hardware 
  • Beveled edges

They also come in a variety of materials such as timber, glass, steel, and aluminum. Additionally, they create stunning visual interest and add a luxurious feeling to any kitchen. 

Not only that! They allow for a lot of light to enter the space, making it brighter, larger, and more inviting. Their versatility makes them suitable for nearly any type of kitchen cabinet. 

Inset Door

Inset doors tend to have a more elegant profile, creating a timeless look that complements minimalist kitchen designs. The doors can be craft-style with frames lined with beveled edges, without it being visible.

In terms of durability, inset doors may be constructed from solid or engineered wood, plus a range of materials from plastic to glass. Finally, they can be hinged on the left, right, or in the middle, offering flexibility in terms of functionality within the kitchen.

Bifold and Slab Doors

Bifold doors are perfect for smaller spaces, as it helps to conserve space. Slab doors, on the other hand, contain a single large section that slides open or closed when you need to access the contents inside the cabinet. This style is usually chosen for its sleek and modern look, making it the ideal choice for modern kitchen designs.

Both door styles can be customized with various finishes, handles, and decorative elements like some inspiration you can find with JNG Painting & Decorating. Ultimately, the choice of which style to go with is all up to you, but they both offer a stylish and practical option for any kitchen.

A Guide to Different Types of Kitchen Cabinet Doors Styles

Kitchen cabinets provide an important design element and can set the overall tone for your space. From traditional to modern cabinet doors styles, there’s an array of designs to choose from to create a personalized look for your kitchen.

Get started on planning your new kitchen today and find the door that will give your dining space the perfect finishing touch.

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