The Most Common Garage Door Issues and How to Fix Them

Your garage door provides easy access to, and storage for, your home and all its contents. Because of this, your garage door is an important aspect of your home and shouldn’t be ignored when it is acting up.

There are several common garage door issues, and the good news is that they are all relatively easy to fix. Here is a rundown of some common garage door issues and how to fix them.

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The Garage Door Won’t Close All the Way

A garage door won’t close all the way is one of the most common garage door issues, although it can be caused by several different issues. Generally, the cause is either a misaligned track or a broken spring.

To fix this issue, first, check the tracks at the sides of the door and ensure they are straight and in the correct position. If the tracks are not straight, try to realign them.

If the tracks are already aligned and the problem persists, then it may be due to a broken spring. Make sure to learn about garage door maintenance, to help keep your garage door in good shape.

Broken or Old Door Springs

Broken or old door springs are one of the most common garage door issues and should be fixed as soon as possible. Springs are an essential part of your garage door system and without them, the door will not be able to open and close.

The key to fixing this issue is to find the right size of springs for your particular door and garage system. If the spring is too weak or too large, the door may not open and close properly. Garage door repairs can be difficult if you don’t have the right information.

Worn Rollers and/or Bearings

One of the most common garage door issues is worn rollers and/or bearings. Once the rollers have worn out, the door can become difficult to open and close and can cause significant noise when in operation. Replacing the rollers or bearings can often fix the problem.

To replace rollers and/or bearings, it is important to first find the type of rollers or bearings needed for your garage door. Once you have determined that, it is then necessary to remove any fastening hardware, such as screws and bolts, and replace the rollers or bearings with the new parts. Always remember that garage door maintenance is important to prevent any issues.

Obstructed Photo Eye Sensors

Garage door systems rely on a photo eye sensor to operate properly. Obstructed photo eye sensors are one of the most common issues associated with automated garage doors. When these sensors become dirty, blocked, or misaligned, the garage door will not open or close properly.

Fortunately, this issue is easily fixed. Begin by ensuring the sensors are clean and free of dirt, dust, or cobwebs. If the sensors are still not working properly, check the alignment of the sensors. If you want don’t know how to fix it, it’s better to contact a garage door repair company.

Fix Your Garage Door Issues

Garage door issues can be overwhelming and intimidating, but with the right knowledge and help, they can be fixed. Knowing the issues and how to fix them can save you a lot of time, money, and stress.

If you’re ever in doubt, contact a professional for help. They can help you get your garage door issues taken care of in no time, so don’t hesitate to give them a call.

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