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Things to Keep in Mind When Having Virtual Home Improvement Consultations

Home improvement projects are a significant investment. Unfortunately, not all contractors are reputable professionals. 

Choosing a contractor should begin with personal recommendations. If friends and neighbors have undertaken similar projects, ask them about their experience with contractors.



From telemedicine to virtual fitness training and bridal shopping to home remodeling consultations, business owners across industries are shifting their first impressions to video calls. These digital introductions are essential, and how well they’re handled could make or break the client experience and whether your business wins the contract.

As with an in-person meeting, the quality of virtual consultations Saint James NY depends on how prepared you are. Logging in to a call early and making sure your video is on, lighting is set up, your desktop is organized, and any software or files you need open ahead of time are essential. This allows you to resolve technical issues before your client joins the call. It also lets you ensure your internet connection is stable and the sound/video quality is top-notch. Lastly, it provides you’re not jumping onto the call frazzled and rushed.


Home improvement contractors who conduct in-home consultations are advantageous when assessing the client’s space and providing detailed estimates. However, these same contractors often cannot offer the same level of service when conducting virtual project consultations.

With a virtual consultation, it can be challenging to pick up on non-verbal cues indicating the client is uncomfortable with the process or has technical difficulties. To combat this, the contractor must be prepared and offer a clear understanding of what to expect from the meeting (time of consultation/technology to be used/backup plan if preferred technology fails).

It is also beneficial for contractors to share a rich repertoire of visuals during virtual meetings, including before-and-after photos and close-up product images. Many vendors and suppliers have image galleries on their websites that can be a gold mine of high-quality images to help with this.


The quality of the call and video must be top-notch for both parties. A poor experience at the start can turn the consultation into an unpleasant and unproductive interaction.

It’s also essential for contractors to know what equipment and software they will use to ensure that the client can access it. Some platforms allow the contractor to share their screen with clients, so they can walk through space or show them specific images of products and projects.

Another important consideration is the ability to send meeting notes after the session. This is a simple way to demonstrate your professionalism and make it easier for the client to remember the key points of their meeting. In addition, it will provide a clear record of the discussions that took place.


Home improvement professionals will work on one of your most valuable assets – your home. Finding a professional who will take your project and home seriously is essential. They will more likely provide you with a successful home improvement experience! You can help weed out potential scammers by checking with consumer protection offices to see if any unresolved complaints are on record about the contractor. You should also ensure that the contractor you hire has strong technical know-how. This will ensure they can communicate the steps to complete the work.