Where to Place an Oriental Rug

Are you struggling to find the perfect spot for your gorgeous Oriental rug in your home? Do you want to showcase its intricate design and vibrant colors?

There are many unique benefits to buying and placing an oriental rug in your home. The various colors and styles bring a special atmosphere to the room, giving it a decorative aesthetic many can imitate.

We’ll explore some of the best places and give you tips on how to make them shine. So, let’s dive in and discover where to place an Oriental rug! Read on to learn more.


Entry Way and Hallway

Oriental rugs can be used to great effect in an entryway or hallway. When placed in an entryway, the rug should be large enough to encompass the entire space and allow movement from one room to another. It should also create an inviting atmosphere that will draw visitors in.

The rug should be proportionate to the floor space available in the hallway. A narrow, long rug can add texture when placed down the length of the hall. A small yet sturdy rug beside the stairs can be useful and appealing.

Regular maintenance, including oriental rug cleaning, ensures that these high-traffic areas remain clean and pristine. Overall, an oriental rug may offer beauty, utility, and a welcoming environment to an entryway or corridor.

Living Room

If you’re considering an Oriental rug for your living room, there are several things to consider. The appropriate rug size is essential.

The rug should be large enough to fit under all your furniture but not too large to dominate the room. Your Oriental rug’s location must also be decided and placed centrally or off to one side.

Furthermore, you must choose a color or pattern that complements your décor. An Oriental rug can add a pop of color or pattern to a room, so consider what will work best with your existing furniture and accessories. For instance, a Persian rug adds an elegant and luxurious touch to the living room, enhancing the overall ambiance and creating a statement piece.

Dining Room

Make sure your dining room Oriental rug fits under the table and chairs. The rug’s colors and patterns will shine in a well-lit spot.

Avoid placing the rug in a high traffic area to prevent wear. Considering these aspects, some of the most fabulous dining room Oriental rug placements are under the dining table, in front of a window, and against a wall.


Placing a beautiful oriental rug in the low traffic areas of the bedroom adds a touch of sophistication and warmth, creating a cozy retreat within the room. When choosing an Oriental rug for your bedroom, be sure it fits. It should be large enough to cover the floor but not so large that the over-helical essay fills most of the room.

Also, position the rug to enhance the room’s appearance. This includes placing it in a visible spot, like in front of the bed or near a window. Make sure the rug is secured so it doesn’t slide about.

Place an Oriental Rug Today

When decorating, an Oriental rug can be the shining star of the room. When deciding where to place a rug, think carefully about where it will be most visible and best showcase its colors and patterns.

You can find a perfect spot in the entryway and hallway, living room, dining room, and bedroom. Try this today and bring an elegant Eastern touch to your home.

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