This Is How to Design a Living Room You’ll Love

The eyes are often the window to the soul. If that’s true, one question frequently arises why we’re so eager to showcase what’s inside to everyone else? September is around the corner, which means it’s time to bring out the rugs and chairs to redesign the living room.

If the walls of your home are an open book to your visitors and you don’t have some ability to feign surprise, you might have time to teach an old house new trick. There’s a time for re-decorating and making your home feel new again.

Are you getting ready to show off your creation? Here’s what you need to know to design a living room you love.


Find Inspiration and Plan Your Design

Finding inspiration and planning the design is essential when designing a living room. First, decide on the overall look you’re going for, then collect images from magazines, online, and from your travels that fit that look.

Decide on a color palette that reflects the style you’re aiming for, selecting essential furnishings, rugs, and artwork to define your space further. Consider functionality, too, thinking about how you’ll use the room.

Consider a dual recliner sofa if you want to create the perfect living room design. The versatility of a double recliner is hard to beat, as you can use the two halves together to seat multiple people or separate them to fit different layouts. Use the recliner sofa as the main furniture piece in the living space, where you can construct your design for the best living rooms you’ll love.

Incorporating Texture and Pattern

When designing a living room, incorporating texture and pattern is critical. You can add textures to the walls with stone, brick, paneling, and wallpaper. Adding wooden paneling to one wall can leave a lasting impression and create a warm, welcoming feel that changes the whole mood of the room.

You can introduce patterns on furniture, curtain fabrics, wallpapers, rugs, and cushions, providing an instant feature in the room. To make a statement, you can use a bold pattern, like a large-scale design, or multiple colorful patterns for the curtains.

Smaller prints in the more minor details like cushions and throws can soften and blend it all. For more subtle patterns, use delicate designs with a neutral color palette to create a light and airy atmosphere. Whatever texture and pattern combination you choose, it’s sure to create a space you love.

Crafting the Perfect Lighting Environment

It is essential to begin with the basics. With a well-designed living room plan, you can decide where to place your lighting fixtures, lamps, and ceiling lights.

Ambient lighting can help you create an atmosphere in the room; strategic placement of lighting can also make the room feel welcoming and thoughtful. Consider accent lighting for specific elements in the room, such as artwork or a particular area of furniture and decorations.

Pick light fixtures that fit the interior style and be intentional about the placement or lighting type to help create a comfortable ambiance you love. Work with experienced professionals in the field of home interior design to craft the perfect lighting environment in your living room.

Utilize Colors and Textures to Coordinate the Room

One key aspect of creating a living area that you will love and enjoy for many years is properly coordinating the colors and textures in the room. Choose a color palette that you find inviting and works with the style of the room and within each piece, look for contrasting textures.

You may want to choose couches or chairs with a knitted fabric, throw pillows with velvet or linen, and an area rug with a shag texture. To break up all the consistency, add a few throw blankets, a solid-colored ottoman, and simple tables made of wood or glass. The correct combination of color and texture will give a room a welcoming and calming vibe, creating a beautiful environment to enjoy.

Mix and Match Furniture to Create a Cohesive Look

Designing a living room, you’ll love does not have to be daunting. Mixing and matching furniture pieces is one of the simplest ways to create a cohesive look. By blending different textures and colors, you will effortlessly create a look that is aesthetically pleasing and timeless.

When selecting furniture, consider the color scheme you prefer and the decorative accents you would like to use to tie everything together. If you’re designing with a neutral palette, combine items with different materials and subtle color variations.

For a more vibrant look, focus on selecting items of similar hues. With the right mix, you can create the perfect atmosphere for relaxing or entertaining.

Maximize Space and Storage Solutions

Designing a beautiful living room that you’ll love begins with maximizing the space and storage solutions. You can set built-in shelves and drawers, and cabinets into a wall. It can help to define different zones and hide clutter away.

You can also use multi-functional furniture such as ottomans with storage. Add a coffee table with hidden storage, plus several other pieces that can be used as storage space. Be sure to consider the scale of your furniture and work to create a balanced and tasteful atmosphere.

Add extra seating, such as a loveseat, chairs, or a bench, and choose fabrics and materials you like. You can create living room ideas that you’ll love by dedicating time to efficient space and storage solutions.

Easy Steps for Design a Living Room

To design a living room, stay focused on your desired purpose, desired look, and furnishings. Know what functionality you need, then focus on more oversized furniture, accent, and wall decorations.

By sticking to these tips, you’ll be well on creating the living room designs of your dreams! Visit our website today to get started on a design you’ll love.

Start by designing it using our online room design tool. Then, head to our blog to learn more about creating your home, from your bathroom to your kitchen!