4 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Rental Home

Do you want a homey sense in your renting space? You are not alone, and you are not trapped! It’s easier than you think to turn your rental into a comfortable, fashionable home.

Dive in to learn about four simple methods to update your rental home. These time-tested strategies will allow you to personalize your room without jeopardizing your security deposit. Say goodbye to boring rental decor, and hello to your colorful new home!

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1. Update Your Lighting

Lighting is quite important in interior design. It’s about more than just being able to see. It influences the ambiance and the apparent scale of the room. It can even accentuate your favorite things.

Begin by examining the current lighting situation in your apartment. Are the fixtures old and drab? Don’t worry! You can replace them with modern, fashionable pieces that match your taste. There are several light fixtures available now that you may install and remove without leaving a trace.

Using several layers of light — ambient, task, and accent — gives depth and richness to your area. Floor lamps, table lamps, or even string lights can add a warm, cozy feel without the need for hard wiring.

2. Use Rented Furniture to Add a Personal Touch

Furniture is the foundation of any home decor. But it can be difficult to find in a rental when space or layout may be limited. Fortunately, renting furniture allows you to personalize your area. You can do this without incurring the expense and commitment of ownership.

Consider firms that specialize in furniture rental and provide a large range of fashionable and modern solutions. For a diverse range of options, go to https://efrental.com/locations/portland-furniture-rental/. You can locate pieces that not only fit your space but also your unique style.

3. Revamp Your Walls

You may believe that painting or wallpapering is not permitted in a rental, but think differently! There are a number of choices for adding color and design to your walls without the long-term commitment of traditional methods.

Removable Wallpaper

Removable wallpaper has gone a long way in terms of style and simplicity of application. It’s a great opportunity to make a bold statement without risking your security deposit.

Wall Decals

Wall decals are another option. These peel-and-stick graphics are available in a variety of styles. It also ranges from modest accents to full-wall murals.

4. Refresh Your Space with Plants

Plants, last but not least, can have a huge impact on your rental. They not only bring color and vibrancy to your area. But they also provide health advantages by increasing air quality and lowering stress.

Consider a combination of large, leafy plants and smaller potted plants for vacant areas and shelves or tabletops. If you don’t have a green thumb, there are many lovely imitation plants that can provide the same visual benefits.

Transforming Spaces With Creative Rental Decor Ideas

With these four easy steps, you can breathe fresh life into your rental property. Remember that your rental area is your personal canvas, waiting to express your distinct flair. 

From lighting to hired furniture, wall art, and plants, these rental decor ideas will inspire you to create a home you love. Don’t be stingy. Your perfect rental renovation is just a few creative touches away!

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