4 Ways To Improve Your Recycling Habits at Home

Regular recycling is part of being a responsible citizen, and the results benefit everyone. Sometimes, recycling can seem overwhelming, but if you develop a system, it makes a world of difference. If you’d like to step up your game, here are four easy ways to improve your recycling habits at home.


1. Turn in Old Devices for Money

Most people have a number of old electronics and have no idea what to do with them. Instead of trashing them, take them to an ecoATM. What is ecoATM? It’s a kiosk where you can turn in old phones and tablets for money on the spot. All you need to do is bring your ID, and return the device to factory settings.

2. Prep Your Recyclables

Make the recycling you already do count by prepping containers correctly. Leftover food and sticky residue gunk up recycling machinery and slow down the process. By rinsing out containers and removing bottle caps, you can be sure your recyclables will be turned into something new.

3. Keep Small Bins Inside

Taking recyclables outside can be a pain, especially if it’s cold or rainy. Instead of enduring countless trips outside, keep smaller bins around the house. Then, make just one trip outside on recycling day. For electronics, stack them by your door and search for a handy drop-off at ecoATMs near me.

4. Buy in Recyclable Packaging

To ensure you’re doing all you can for the environment, shop for items in recyclable packaging or better yet, no packaging at all. Avoid styrofoam, food pouches or coffee pods. Instead, opt for easily recycled plastic and glass, or buy in bulk with your own reusable bags.

Recycling is everyone’s responsibility, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a headache. Using inside bins, shopping smart and getting money for electronics make recycling easy and fun.