5 Essential Spring HVAC Maintenance Tips

Did you know that 87% of homes in the US have air conditioning?

Winter is over, and spring has sprung! Convoy hasn’t been harsh, so take the time to be diligent about your maintenance.

Regular HVAC maintenance is essential. The spring is an excellent time to check your system and any changes you made during the winter and address any problems that may arise. Plus, it’s an opportunity to see the system working at its prime.

If you’re wondering what you need to do, keep reading. Here are some HVAC maintenance tips and tricks.


1. Preparing Your System

Check your system filters and replace them as needed. If the filters have dirt and dust buildup, they can affect their efficiency and restrict airflow. Check for any air or duct leakage. If there is a hole in the ductwork or at the air handler, seal it.

Ensure the fan and motor are in excellent working condition, and replace the belt if worn or cracked. Clean out the condensate drain line. Flush it with vinegar and water solution to remove dirt and debris. 

2. Inspecting and Adjusting Settings

When inspecting and adjusting settings, it is essential to check the operation of the thermostat, review and change filters (with the proper size and MERV rating for the system), and inspect the condensate drain and the condenser coils.

Additionally, HVAC professionals should check for obstructions and air leaks in duct systems, evaluate the blower components’ performance, and inspect for broken belts and proper motor operation.

Ensure all moving parts are lubricated, and all safety controls operate correctly. Finally, the thermostat should be set to the traditional fan setting – “Auto” – not continuous “On” mode. 

3. Outdoor Equipment Maintenance

Start by clearing the area around the outdoor component. Keep any plants and other vegetation at least two feet from the equipment. Also, ensure that debris, like leaves and twigs, is entirely cleared.

Tighten all electrical connections and, if applicable, check the level of the refrigerant and adjust as needed. Finally, condition rubber seals, like O-rings and gaskets, to prevent leaks.

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4. Replacing Air Filters

Check the filter monthly to ensure it’s not clogged with dust and debris. Keeping your air filter clean helps to maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system, helping to reduce your utility bills and filter out allergens.

When replacing the filter, make sure you choose the correct filter size, or it may not fit properly, which could damage your HVAC system. Replacing and cleaning your air filters consistently will ensure your heating and cooling system runs as efficiently as possible.

5. Proactive Scheduling

A well-executed maintenance plan starts with scheduling a professional tune-up. This helps to identify and correct any issues with the system before they become more significant problems. Settings should also be checked and adjusted as needed to ensure proper operation.

Further, the operation of the blower wheel should be checked to ensure it is running correctly. Finally, air filters should be inspected and replaced once a month or more frequently if necessary. 

Understanding HVAC Maintenance

Routine HVAC maintenance is essential to keep your system running efficiently and safely during spring. Tips like replacing the air filter and scheduling an HVAC tune-up are practical for preventing significant repairs down the line.

Contact a trusted HVAC professional for help so your home is ready to go this spring.

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