What Are the Different Types of Outdoor Decks That Exist Today?

Are you thinking about decking the exterior of your home to spruce up the look? Do you want to spend some downtime outside in nature and want to add more entertaining space to your backyard?

While you may want a backyard to enjoy the company of family and friends, the types of outdoor decks can take some thought. We’re bringing you this ultimate guide to different outdoor patios. From luxurious hammocks and tree swing decks to raised decks, you’ll find it all here.

Deciding on the different types of outdoor decks to build is fun! Let’s consider everything you should consider when building an outdoor deck.


Attached Deck

This deck is usually attached to a home or other building and is often used as part of an outdoor living space. These decks have several advantages over freestanding ones, including increased safety and ease of construction. An attached deck is also often more solid and better able to bear heavy loads.

Depending on the size of the project, attached decks can be made with treated wood, composites, or even stone or concrete. It is important to note that some building codes may dictate which materials you can use for a particularly attached deck.

Detached Island Deck

It is a freestanding deck that is detached from the main house. It is a multi-functional outdoor space with an expansive entertaining area for friends and family.

This type of deck usually has multiple entry points, making walking from one side to the other easy. It is ideal for smaller yards or limited spaces, as it takes up minimal space.

You can customize detached island decks to match the home, utilizing the same material for a cohesive look. It is often seen with features such as railings, lattice, and other design elements to create a unique feel. Furthermore, remember to have deck waterproofing to ensure it lasts for an extended period.

Wraparound Deck

This deck style wraps around a home or other building and is often used to create additional outdoor living space. It is ideal for large homes on larger pieces of land. It is a great way to have a multi-level deck with multiple directions and points of view from which to view the surrounding property.

In addition, the wraparound nature of the deck allows for incorporating built-in seating. Other amenities can also create a wonderful outdoor setting.

Multi-Level Deck

This style provides an outdoor space with multiple levels, allowing those using the deck to move up and down simply and consistently. Multi-level decks can create an entertaining area that adds visual appeal, allowing people to move from one location to another. You can build these decks to fit any space and size, with shapes, materials, and colors customized to suit the area.

You can also incorporate railings, steps, benches, and other necessary furniture items into the deck design. Popular materials used for multi-level decks include composite, timber, and vinyl which have an attractive look while being durable at the same time.

Different Types of Outdoor Decks for a More Enjoyable Homeownership

Decks are a great addition to any outdoor space. There are numerous types of outdoor decks to choose from to fit any style and budget. From an attached to multi-level decking, they can be an excellent way to create an outdoor oasis.

Contact a local professional if you’re thinking of adding residential decks or outdoor patios. They can help you find the perfect option.

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