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What Are the Signs of High Testosterone in a Man?

Testosterone handles the general upkeep and development of various functions in our bodies. While on average, women have over ten times the amount of testosterone that men do, men do still possess testosterone.

While testosterone is important for nearly every function in your body, it does play a huge part in your sex drive. It also plays a major role in your athletic prowess. If you notice a change in your stamina, explosive strength, sexual stamina, and overall sexuality, it could very well be due to a high serum testosterone level.

Let’s take a look at the signs of high testosterone in a man.


Aggressive Behaviors

These behaviors may include irritability, impulsiveness, and anger. It may cause physical confrontations, verbal outbursts, and a general lack of self-control. Other signs of high testosterone in men may include increased competitiveness.

They may often seek out risk-taking activities. It may involve intense sports, gambling, and even dangerous activities. 

In addition, men with high testosterone symptoms may often enjoy physical activities more. Consequently, they may experience an increase in muscle mass with exercise.

Excessive Body Hair

Testosterone is responsible for the development of male characteristics. It includes the growth of body hair. 

A man with high testosterone levels may have more body hair on the chest, back, arms, and face than others, as well as increased body hair density. Research has also shown that higher testosterone levels lead to increased beard growth.

These signs are usually secondary to other physiological markers. These may include increased muscle mass, deeper voice, angular jawline, and increased libido. 

However, if a man notices his body hair growing excessively compared to his peers, he should consider seeing an endocrinologist. An expert can help check his testosterone levels. If you need high testosterone treatment, check out this low testosterone center found here.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is characterized by persistent elevated readings in both systolic and diastolic numbers. These can be determined in a regular visit to the doctor. 

Symptoms vary from person to person. It can include intense headaches, blurred vision, shortness of breath and facial flushing.

High blood pressure can also cause chest pain, nervousness and dizziness. It is essential to take notice of any changes in your physical well-being. 

If any signs or symptoms occur, it is important to contact your doctor right away. It is essential to discuss potential treatment options and lifestyle changes.


Men with high testosterone levels may experience difficulty sleeping, often waking up much earlier than normal. They may also experience increased restlessness during the night or an inability to relax and drift off. This can be accompanied by irritability, difficulty concentrating and difficulty staying awake during the day. 

Learning More About the Signs of High Testosterone in a Man

Testosterone production varies by person but signs of high testosterone are noticeable. If you think you have the signs of high testosterone in a man, it’s important to consult with a doctor to discuss your options.

With proper monitoring and lifestyle changes, you can ensure balanced testosterone levels. Take steps to check your testosterone levels today!

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