5 Signs of Termites in Your Home

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If so, keep reading. We’re going to go over the common (and not-so-common) warning signs of termites.

You’re sitting on the couch in your comfortable living room. You’re finally able to relax, away from your job, duties, and all those stresses of everyday life.

Everything is going well until tomorrow, when you sit on the same spot on the couch and feel something hard. You put your hand under the cushion and pull out what looks like a toothpick. 


1. The Hollow Sound of Wooden Furniture

The hollow sound of wooden furniture is one of the most noticeable signs that a home may be dealing with an infestation of termites. This weakening of the wood can often cause the furniture in a home to sound hollow instead of a solid thunk when tapped with a hard object.

If multiple pieces of a home’s wooden fixtures and furniture are exhibiting a hollow sound, it is strongly advised to find pest control services to safely and professionally evaluate the situation and address the problem if need be.

2. Shelter Tubes on Wooden Surfaces

Shelter tubes on wooden surfaces are one of the most common signs of termites in your home and should not be ignored. These tubes are formed from saliva, feces, bits of wood, and soil and act as shelters for termites as they travel, nest, and feed.

Shelter tubes can be seen on or near foundation walls, wooden surfaces, or windows and doors. They are up to six millimeters thick and are made of tiny clay pellets. 

3. Groups of Winged Insects and Discarded Wings

Groups of winged insects and discarded wings near your property can be a sign of termites. Termites rely on cellulose for survival, and the presence of a swarm of these creatures indicates that there may be a food source nearby.

If you notice discarded wings in the vicinity of your home, you can presume this means the swarm has successfully colonized the wood in the area. It’s essential to inspect your property and look for other signs of termite activity, such as mud tubes or entry points in your home’s foundation. 

4. Tight-Fitting Doors and Hard-To-Open Windows

Small holes around windows and doors are prime areas for entry, and often, energy bills can increase due to air leakage caused by termite damage.

Be aware of wood that sounds hollow when tapped, as this indicates that the damaged wood is being consumed by termites from the inside. Additionally, a pile of tiny wings near windows, doorways, and other parts of the house can indicate swarming termites. 

5. Broken and Damaged Furniture

One of the most noticeable signs of termite damage in your home is broken and damaged furniture. First and foremost, you may notice deep gouges and wood furrows in furniture.

Termites are also known to consume structural wood, which can weaken supports for furniture. Also, check for small holes in your furniture and powdery wood piles, which are common signs of termite activity.

Read More About Signs of Termites 

Termite inspections should be conducted in any home at least once annually to ensure that termite activity is not present. Some of the signs of termite activity may not be so obvious, 

It is important to take preventative action before the damage to your property or belongings becomes substantial or irreversible. Check out the article for more information on identifying the signs of termites in your home.

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