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Swing Set with Monkey Bars: A Great Way to Get Kids Out and Moving

Kids have a bad reputation for being lazy or unenthusiastic, but is that the reality?

There are many kids who crave exercise and like to burn off excess energy, but they might not have the opportunity. Experiencing a lack of physical activity as a child can lead to lifelong issues that might be difficult to overcome.

This is especially an issue for growing boys and girls who still have a lot of excess energy. What’s the best way to encourage play and exercise for this crowd? A monkey bar swing set might be what your family needs.

Will swing set with monkey bars set be the answer to your prayers? Read this article to find out!


Play Features

Choosing the best swing set to get kids out and moving can be a challenge. Play features should be considered when making your choice. Play features include component swings, like glider swings, tire swings and trapeze swings as well as various accessories such as slides, rock climbing walls, and monkey bars.

You should also consider the age range your child can use the swing set for, as some features like the rock climbing wall or monkey bars are more appropriate for older kids.


Make sure that the unit has been constructed from superior quality materials with reliable and durable welding and structural support. The overall size, height, and design of the swing set should be chosen based on the size and age of the child.

A climbing wall can add another layer of physical challenge for older children. Lastly, look for sets that come with the necessary tools and accessories for either an easy in-home assembly or professional installation.

Ultimately, safety and quality of construction should be the number one priority when it comes to choosing a swing set to get kids out and moving.

Easy Assembly

Look for swings for kids that are made with simple assembly instructions, clear diagrams and pieces that are labeled or easily identifiable. If a swing set has a lot of custom designed pieces that need to be cut or modified, it may take longer and costs more than a basic swing set.

Prioritize swing sets that come with pre-drilled holes and bolts that fit snugly to avoid extra tools for assembly. As an extra bonus, look for display models which have already been built, and are just ready to be put together quickly.


When choosing childrens wooden swing sets, it is important to consider your budget. A good rule of thumb for budgeting for a swing set is to set aside at least half the cost as a down payment and make sure to include installation, if it’s an option when you purchase the swing set.

You may want to buy a higher quality swing set made of sturdy materials since it will last longer and can be repurposed for larger children. To get the most bang for your buck, look for combo sets that come with slides, swings, and other activities that will provide more entertainment and keep your kids active. 

All About Swing Set With Monkey Bars

A swing set with monkey bars is the perfect way to get kids out and moving. It provides them with hours of adaptive, social, and physical play. It can also be used as a platform for imagination and exploration. Kids of all ages and abilities can benefit from it. 

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